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The situation in our country is alarming, only 13% of students who start first grade graduate from high school in due time and form.

There will be a day when all children and young people in Argentina will have access to a quality education.


At Teach for Argentina, we face this reality.

For 15 years, we have been committed to ensuring that all children and young people in the country have access to a quality education, regardless of the context in which they are born and raised. We aim to contribute to the reduction of inequalities by building a movement of leaders committed to the reality of education.

What do we do? 

We identify, develop, and connect leaders who are able to work today as teachers that helps increasing the learning of their students and to commit themselves to the profound changes that must occur in the education system to reduce inequality and ensure quality education for all. We do this from the classroom, with highly motivated individuals, and in collaboration with organizations, institutions, governments, and committed communities.


How do we do it?

Collective Leadership Program

We select and train young professionals who are committed to education for a period of 2 years. Through our Collective Leadership Program, they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive impact in the educational communities where they carry out their teaching practices. Upon completing the program, they join a network of over 400 local alumni and more than 100,000 worldwide. As professionals graduates of the program, they continue to work on the root causes of educational inequity. Currently, over 80% of our alumni actively work to transform education through public policies, the social ecosystem, teaching, or school leadership.


Our Impact

We have trained over 477 Teach For Argentina (TFA) Professionals. 

We have reached more than 130,000 students across the country.

We work with over 15,000 educational communities.


Be part of the change and join us to transform education!

Together, we can build a future of quality and equal education for all the children and young people in our country. 

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